Custom Treats & Cakes!

Whether it is a birthday, adoption day, or Mardi Gras, it would not be the same without a custom cake for your furry friends! Our bakers can customize a beautiful cake to make that day perfect! Let us know what colors you would like and what you would like it to say. We can also make colorful doughnuts for your furry friends! Don’t worry about being wasteful, you can always freeze the extras for future special rewards! Contact us and we will start up the oven right away!  Great news! We ship anywhere in the United States!

Birthday Cakes– circular cakes varying in size with boarder and writing on cake. We can add designs for an extra charge!

Traditional – 2 frosting colors                                    8” $25              10” $30

Fancy- 3 frosting colors                                                    8” $30                 10” $35

Girls- Flower boarder (Custom colors)

Boys Fire hydrant boarder (custom colors)             12” X 7” $40

Wedding Cake- 2 tier                                                               $50


King Cakes– Circle cakes about palm size, fit for your furry king or queen! King cakes come drizzled with frosting and colored to mardi gras theme! A great item to add to any carnival event! King cakes are only seasonal, meaning we only bake them from January 1st to March 1st unless custom ordered.                                                          

 $5 EACH OR 6 FOR $25

Doughnuts- circle cakes about palm size. Great for dog birthday parties or gotcha days!


Doughnut, king cake, and Cake Ingredients: flour, baking soda, vegetable oil, peanut butter, applesauce, egg, pumpkin puree, and love

Frosting ingredients: Yogurt & Peanut butter

Critter Fritters- Our critter fritters come in a various of sizes and shapes! Ranging from dog bones to princess crowns to alligators! These are the perfect everyday treats for your pups! Our pups just cannot resist them!

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