Nola critter sitters is a wonderful pack of human beings that are creatively inspired by the love of animals!


After years of making art and working for a dog daycare that offered in-home pet services, our owner, Penny, discovered that her two passions are, art, music, and nature.  Inspired by her discovery, Nola Critter Sitters, Nola Critter Fritters, and Nola Critter Creations was born. In the beginning pet sitting was our primary focus, over the years we have met many amazing pets and their parents!  Through this, our bakery blossomed. We have baked many treats and cakes that our furry friends have loved to gobble up! Then came the art, inspired by the love that we share with all of our wonderful customers. As this year has surprised us all with the events at hand, we have decided to mainly continue to focus on baking and art for the time being. We hope you all continue to support us as we make this transition! We also hope that your experience with Nola Critter Sitters reflects the true love of animals that “our pack” believes in. After all, we are all beautiful creatures of this Earth.

If you have any information pertaining to animal welfare or something you would like to share, please don’t hesitate to email us directly, or private message us through Facebook.


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